Tumbling in the sky.

​Hold me down, Crush me, Crumble me and scatter my remains, All over your body. Photo cred: Damon Alexander Sweep me, Under the carpet, In my absence, My existence will is erased. I hear whispers, Something’s coming. Why can’t you hear it? I want silence, All the riches, To be that holy.  

Damonz Fashion Blog™ intro😌

Share your views on this intro for my first vlog. Still need to set the date, but I promise it will be soon😘 Made with: pixgram  Edited and captured by: Damon Alexander. Do something✌

Dark Lights Hanging

​Out of the shadows., Under the light. Photo by: Damon Alexander The city streets feels so alive. Whether it pours down, Or it may fright, You can’t resist the summer lights. Be in the present, No one can take it away so.. Live and be happy, But hustle till you die. Live and be happy…

Inspiration comes easy💎

​A fashion play date with myself. I love big jackets, even though we are baking in the sun in South Africa. Clothing from: @capeunionmart @Woolworths Mr_Price Element @Specsavers(because I walk into closed doors) Kaki #fashion #photo #photography #slay #art #hustle #brands #brand #blogger #Boots #specs #fashattack #work #blog #love #me #ootd and…..yaaaaaaaaaas!!!.. even if I ‘slay’…

Night Rays

​I’m in the city for a night, Fortnightly. I got real hunters enticing me, Nicely. I’m not in love with you It surprised me, But if I should meet a the one, Then even it might like me, Love me or hate me. I still wear the rings to remind me. I still have the…